Loïc is a French photographer based in Paris and native of Brittany. World traveler, he has already visited about fifty countries, lived in the United States and in China. Passion for photography has grown steadily when he was traveling all around the world trying to capture every unforgettable experience he met on his way with a view to collect and share them. He endeavors to enhance each shot to make it unique. For him, Photography is a great way to capture the light of an evasive present time always running away from us. Like Photography, which is in a crossroad of Art and Technique, Loïc is also drawing since early childhood and has an electrical engineering academic background.


- 06/2013 - Islands Magazine – “Seljalandsfoss waterfall”

- 04/2014 - Photography Masterclass Magazine – “The Eye of Notre Dame de Paris”

- 06/2014 - Photography Week – “Parisian Vertigo”

- 09/2014 - Tout Savoir Faire en Photographie – “Parisian Vertigo”



- 02/2014 - La Folie Douce Meribel - “Meribel dans tous ses Etats”



Online Galleries selling my work

- Pixopolitan (FR) www.pixopolitan.com/fr/photographes/lagarde-loic-a1997.html

- Wallstars (NL) www.wallstars.nl/fotograafdetail/51/lo%c3%afc-lagarde.html

- PhotoDecoArt (CA) www.photodecoart.com/fotografos/loic_lagarde.html



- April 2014 – Pixopolitan



Photographer for Airbnb

Getty Images Contributor


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