Seeker of beautiful things.

Twenty something dreamer. Shutterbug. Living in Greece. Lover of pancakes, braids, inspiring quotes, floral patterns, and pretty pictures (among many other things). Blessed to have a loving, talented hubby and two adorable kids.


"Everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life." by April BrightBax




If I add you as a friend, it means I delight in your gallery. Or you seem like a nice person. =P


If you visit my stream and drop a comment, I will most likely visit your stream too (coz I'm nice like that. =)).


I enjoy browsing through wonderful Flickr images for they take me to a whole new world.


Please do not blog my photos without my credit and a link to my flickr account.


If I see that your gallery has no photos, I likely block you.






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Agata Gri says:

You are totally amazing. :)) your wonderfull photos make me feel better.And your own style is great.I'm so impressed. :))) Good luck for you ! :))

March 4, 2011
agreeable elbow (deleted)

lucidreamer calls herself "seeker of beautiful things." She certainly is, for she is able to capture such beautiful moments into her camera. Her photographs are always so full of wonder. I love looking through her photos to be inspired, to smile, and to be comforted. :) I love your work! -Bonnie

December 6, 2010
thresca says:

I met April I think via friendster and then DA. I got instantly hooked on her photographs. She's an artist that has this beautiful and positive outlook on life and it shows on her photographs. She's a beautiful person, inside & out. And I'm so glad I met her. :)

May 25, 2008