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My roots are buried on two islands. One of these islands is Madeira, where I live now, together with my wife beloved Willisha. After my wife ... Madeira has stolen my heart. Therefore I want to share it (and I mean Madeira) with you all.


About Madeira


Madeira can be described by the following saying:


After God created the world, He sat back and admired His handiwork, and being pleased with what He had created, He kissed the world tenderly. And where He placed the kiss, Madeira was born.


If you want to discover more about me, then you can start from my about.me/donamaro page ... or just search for "donamaro" + "madeira" - link: www.google.com/search?q=donamaro+madeira

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Madeira Island Showcase

  • JoinedMarch 2005
  • OccupationPhotographer and Web Strategist
  • Current cityFunchal
  • CountryMadeira Islands, Portugal
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physical watch (deleted)

Stunning pictures of Madeira, glad you added us as a contact hope you find our pictures good - we are adding all the time so hopefully you will see more as time goes on

July 22, 2010
splendid grass (deleted)

Looking for Paradise then look no More !!!

June 21, 2009

Madeira para mi es lo mas bello del mundo, simplesmente es la perla del atlancico, y com un clima invidiable,,,,

March 1, 2009

Love your photos and they remind me of the wonderful holiday my wife and I had in Madeira in 2003. Trevor Grant

March 18, 2008