I am told that I am a bright and bubbly, easy going and a real nice person.


Hi I'm Chris


I have always had an interest in photography, right back to childhood with my little trusted Halina 110 camera and a box of magi cubes that I spent £4 of my pocket money on. Over the years I still indulged a little with the automatic film cameras until I bought in the early 2000’s a little automatic digital camera. Now I use a Nikon D60 DSLR.


I’ve had some good pictures and some bad pictures but I just enjoy the fun of taking them. I do not stick to one particular genre; I can easily spend 20 minutes on one statue taking many pictures from multiple angles or take an instant snap to catch a quick street photograph. I like to find unusual pictures to take when I can but most of the times it’s when something attracts my eye, but the most important thing for me is to have fun.


I have been fortunate to meet a group of amazing people whom share my interest and from them I have learned so much and I hope that knowledge has made me a better photographer


My photographs are my view of the world, what I see through my eyes and my camera lens, where I travel and what I see, and what I see I want to share with everyone.




You can also find me on Twitter twitter.com/melodysparks


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Met Chris last weekend & straight away my wife & me both liked her. Chris has a very nice personality and is not a bad photographer either !

September 25, 2009

She is one groovy lady! She takes great pictures!

November 6, 2007
Gifted Desire (deleted)

I have never met Chris but from reading her profile took an instant liking to her,she sounds full of fun and completely open and honest,the kind of friend you would like to have,I am so glad to have her as a contact. Her photos are wonderful as well. Well done Chris keep them coming.

August 22, 2007