By Ross Burns, the author of 'Monuments of Syria' (I B Tauris London 2009) and 'Damascus — A History' (Routledge London 2005)

These Flickr pages give 'virtual' tourists a chance to experience Syria. A selection has been made from over 130 sites and town itineraries covered in 'Monuments', concentrating initially on the more unusual sites including many not familiar even to veteran visitors. A more complete set of photo galleries, many with maps and plans, can be found on my website at where all descriptions and photo labels are given in both English and Arabic.

All the photos on these pages are available for educational or commercial use, with attribution. They are among the 65,000 or more images the author has taken over the last 30 years covering much of the Eastern Mediterranean. Unlike many of the images on the web, care has been taken to provide accurate descriptions and attributions. The material in the captions can be expanded if required. Photos can be provided on virtually all the main historical and archaeological sites of the region including the lesser known. Holdings on some places extend to many hundreds of views. Digital images are held in high resolution and 35 mm material can be re-scanned at whatever resolution or format (JPG, TIF, DNG) is required.

'Monuments of Syria' — the most comprehensive handbook to the archaeology and historical monuments of Syria — was first published by I B Tauris, London, and the Statue University of New York Press in 1992, 'Monuments of Syria' has become a tool seen as 'essential for anyone who takes their Syrian travelling seriously' (Prof Hugh Kennedy, SOAS, Univ of London). The book has recently been re-issued in a third and thoroughly revised paperback edition (I B Tauris, London 2009 — ISBN 9781845119478).

'Damascus — A History' (ISBN 9780415413176 paperback) presents the city through an historical narrative concentrating particularly on what we learn from the rich store of remains in the walled city and environs. Its monuments testify to at least the last three thousand years but the story of the world's oldest continually inhabited capital city goes back even further. A companion volme, Aleppo, A History was published by Routledge in 2017

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