I have arranged my photos into 52 "Albums" (previously called "Sets"). For example I have an album for Hummingbirds (currently with 244 photos of over 60 different hummingbird species), another album for Tanagers, Flowerpiercers, Honeycreepers, Euphonias, one for Woodpeckers, one for Jays and Ravens, one for Toucans, Toucanets, Araçaris and so forth. There are also albums of bird images from specific places: Yanacocha, Antisana, Papallacta, & Pasochoa.


I am a zoologist, birder and photographer. My favorite photographic subjects are neotropical birds and other wildlife, the Mayan ruins at Copán in Honduras, and Quiriguá and Tikal in Guatemala, and landscapes including Lake Atitlán and La Antigua in Guatemala.


My favorite photographers are the late Galen Rowell and the late Ansel Adams.


I have publications on avian consumption of the fruits of the Guayacan tree (Guaiacum sanctum) and two species of candelabra style cacti, Tuno (Stenocereus eichlamii) and Cabeza del Viejo (Pilosocereus maxonii), in the Arid Interior (Río Motagua Valley) of eastern Guatemala and publications of new distribution records of birds in Guatemala.


I also have published The Evolution of Courtship Phenomena in Neotropical Cockroaches of the Genus Blaberus and Related Genera. (Advances in Ethology. No. 27. 96 pages with 11 figures and 14 tables. ISBN 3-489-63136-6. Paul Parey, Berlin & Hamburg. Coauthor Robert H. Barth).


I love Latin American countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Ecuador both for their magnificent and diverse animal and plant life and for their wonderful, friendly people. I am fluent in Spanish and have lived, worked and traveled in Latin America for about 13 years on a cumulative basis beginning in 1981 when I first traveled to Guatemala.


The following applies to all of my outdoors photography.


No captive birds.


I have never used fake backgrounds and have never cut flowers, suspended them (primed with sugar water) in a studio setup (with multiple flash units) in the field or at an ecolodge. In my bird photography I strive to present reality, not an illusion of reality.


I have never used flash, fill flash or any form of artificial illumination. Flash frequently tends to defile the colors of birds (especially hummingbirds) and can make birds look very unnatural (sometimes so much so that it isn't always immediately apparent what species has been photographed). Flash photos of hummingbirds birds often appear wan, the beauty and attractiveness of the subject degraded, i.e., the bird is much more attractive when viewed in natural light with the naked eye.


I used Nikon SLR film cameras through 2008. Beginning in 2009 I have used Nikon DSLR cameras.


No "digiscoped" photos.

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