Illustrator and Fashion Designer.


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There's something special about Neve. She has this special eye for images, colours, atmosphere, that personally I find quite unique. She has an incredible amount of creativity in her. Following her work, wether in pictures for Flickr or creations in-world is an absolute delight.

July 21, 2010

Even if she'd never really tell, I constantly keep an eye on Neve's works. I didn't really had time to talk to her like I wanted (and I want!), but I always got sort of captured by her way to express things. She've got an eye that's somehow special, and I'm glad she found a way to show what this eye is able to see.

December 17, 2009
Disastrous Finger (deleted)

Neve, oltre che una persona stupenda è un'artista eccezionale. Una mente sempre in movimento, piena di idee e di creatività. Una delle fotografe più brave che io abbia mai conosciuto

August 30, 2009

Durante la prima nostra chiaccherata IW Nevery mi disse che il suo sogno era quello di diventare una brava fotografa...ebbene....passano i giorni e ogni volta che passo di qui vedo una perla...sì sta bruciando le tappe la ragazza :-) Ti auguro il meglio Neve....kiss

May 4, 2009