My name is Nicholas Lau and I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer. I live in London, but can travel world-wide for assignments. I first started photography during my studies to become an accountant and since then it has developed into a lifestyle. When I am not being an accountant, I will spend my spare time taking photos of the little things that occur around me in my life.


I am able to shoot in both digital and film, they both produce different results and have their own strengths and I like having the ability to be able to switch between mediums to best suit the situation.


Most of my commissioned projects are wedding related and I have a lot of love for such events. They are one of the most important days of people’s lives so I aim to tell a story full of natural light, emotion and elegance. For me, it is all about making something beautiful yet genuine. Everyone I photograph is unique and ultimately my goal is to produce artistic and aesthetically pleasing images that reflect that in the best possible light.

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  • OccupationAccountant & Photographer
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