Olimpia Davies originally from Poland where she graduated and became a geologist.

In 2004 she moved to UK where she was working as a chemistry analyst in an environmental laboratory.

As much as she loved her work she also loved food. In 2011 she started writing culinary blogs Baking Ideas and Bite on Green. Food has become her number one interest. She also discovered her photography talent and that she is very gifted food stylist. She has an art in her soul and this gives her an eye for composition and color as well as exquisite attention to detail.

She practiced her photographic skills every day for past 4 years. She left her chemistry career and became a food photographer and food stylist.

She is a naturally born artist and she puts all her time and hart to every new project.

Olimpia’s pictures tell a food story. She is showing a beauty of the food in a very extraordinary way. All her work is about creating feelings and emotions thru styling and light. Using natural ingredients, she creates food art.

You can find her pictures in Spring Plate and Kocioł Magazine.




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  • JoinedFebruary 2014
  • OccupationFood stylist & photographer
  • HometownBogatynia
  • Current cityChester
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
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