• JoinedOctober 2004
  • OccupationAnimator/Visual effects artists
  • HometownHong Kong
  • Current cityLos Angeles, CA - New York, NY - Hong Kong
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I've been watching Overshadowed for quite sometime now and I have to admit, his photography is one of the reason I decided to get serious about my photography. No one takes pictures like him, and although many will try, very few will come close. Definitely a treat for the eyes!

June 6, 2007
Lackadaisical Business (deleted)

KYNYC is a genius at his craft with creative compositions that shows true mastery over his visual theater. TRUTH? I LOVE the way this cat gets down. Always a source of inspiration when my own ocular calisthenics feel static.

February 5, 2007

this guy has magic fingers when working those night pictures.

February 3, 2007
Hard-to-find Invention (deleted)

His work will inspire anyone at anytime. His photography will make you want to be the best you possibly can be. He is no doubt an amazing photographer. One of the best for sure.

December 4, 2006

One of the most talented people I've ever met.

October 20, 2006