This started out to be about black and white - hence - panda1 grafix. I like the immediacy and simplicity. I usually carry a pen and a small pad in my pocket and work quite quickly - but over the years things have drifted a bit. Black and white has drifted into wash - testing different felt pens and ink washes to see what happens when water is applied. Occasionally an experiment with coloured inks or watercolour pencil wash, but I still prefer the immediacy of good old B+W. I invite you to dig into this little treasure trove of places and experiences I would like to share with you.


The icon photo is the beautiful tree in the courtyard of the Museo Picasso in Malaga. Picasso, the master of the line.


Peter Andrews

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De fantastiques croquis et aquarelles. Un reportage quasi-quotidien sur des villes, ports et faubourgs australiens en images peintes et dessinées ! Cher Peter Andrews, excellente continuation à vous ! (Doc' JPP)

June 8, 2021