Live in Pebble Beach married to a woman I met in China. I enjoy amateur photography and have to admit an enormous attraction to the beauty and loveliness of feminine women. Typical guy I suppose. My wife and I both enjoy taking pictures of things and especially beautiful women and I also enjoy taking pictures of her. We are always looking for interested models. I am 54 she is 34. Friends see mostly lingerie and family see nudity. To be family you must have your age posted and a relevant photo stream. A Japanese business associate got me a membership to an exclusive club in Tokyo that normally does not allow non Japanese men or women. They made an exception for my wife and I we are always welcomed when in Japan and we always find willing models to pose. Now that I am married again it is look but don't touch.

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  • JoinedFebruary 2011
  • OccupationBusiness owner
  • HometownDetroit
  • Current cityPebble Beach
  • CountryUSA, China, Japan
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