Hi, y'all! I'm a mom and wife with 3 cats, 6 chickens, 1 dog, and a crazy love for coffee. I adore all things floral, taking photos, nice people, and making things with my own two hands.


My love for photography started with my great-uncle Rusty. Every family get together, he brought his camera and took photos of everyone. I remember going to his house and he had photographs everywhere. He mainly shoots in black & white and does amazing work. He once told me to rock what I have, I don't need the biggest and best camera out there. Use what I have to develop my own talent. It's the photographer's skill that counts, not the camera.


I recently acquired (borrowing from a family member) a Pentax Asahi K1000 SE camera (returned the K1000 in June 2014) and I've fell in LOVE with film photography. I used to have several p&s film cameras as a child, but this is a whole different experience. I am still learning, obviously. But when do you ever stop learning in photography?


In April 2014 I received a Rebel K2 as a gift and I am now learning how to use it. :)



Nikon D5000

Pentax K1000

Canon EOS Rebel K2


PREVIOUSLY AT www.flickr.com/photos/flamingoes/

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