✿ Faerie Goddess playing in virtual realms, having lots of fun! Partnered in SL to my Batosai, who is really super wonderful in SL and RL too❣️🌈✨

✿ Find Faerie, Fantasy & Spiritual art on cool stuff for Goddesses at Goddess Whispers on Zazzle and at Goddess Whispers on Redbubble.

✿ Accepting commissions for custom Faerie & Fantasy creations at Goddess Whispers on Ko-fi. ☕️ Click the "Commissions" link for info!

✿ Faerie, Fantasy & Spiritual art available for commercial licensing at GoddessWhispersArt on Etsy! ‍😎

✿ Need someone to pose with / model for your pic? Hit me up in-world! 🌞 (no porn)

✿ RL marketing consultant & computer tutor ✿ SL photographer & explorer ✿ Goddess in all realms. ✨💖✨

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  • JoinedApril 2013
  • OccupationFaerie Goddess
  • Hometownforests and flower meadows
  • Current cityElven Forest, Second Life
  • Countryall your worlds are mine
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Pretty you do amazing work & your photo tips are invaluable. I have learned so much from you. Your flickr has the most amazing locations. Thank you for being so willing to share with us.

September 9, 2018