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I was a rock photographer working in London 1976-1984. I worked for Record Mirror, Sounds, NME, The Face, Blitz and many Record Companies. This is my private collection. These pics have been stored since the Punk Days. This is the first time they can be seen in 25 years. I went back to London last year and I finally decided to pick up a box of negs I had hurriedly boxed up in Camden Town just before leaving for the States in 1984.


Overtime I will post the entire collection online. There is a mass of stuff. I’ve already discovered a fogotten 10 rolls of the Clash playing to 50 people and Billy Idol at Bob Geldofs 21st birthday bash both in swimming trunks. I also have a very rare collection of the characters at the Blitz Club, a very creative scene that followed punk, which was led by Steve Strange. I even have some pics of the Queen on a Royal Tour to Africa but that is a whole other story.


On my blog I will also try and give some context to the photos by telling the stories around the sessions, my experiences with the bands, my thoughts and other relevant stuff that was going on at the time.


So check back as the collection should grow.


I hope you enjoy them.


Andy Rosen Xmas 2005 (alot different than xmas 1976)


Custom Prints - I have had many requests for prints which are now available.

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this photostream should be pay-per-view it's so jam packed with awesome memories and moments and culture frozen. we are lucky to see it delivered free directly from the man responsible. top fucking notch. Queen Schmueen, GOD SAVE THE INTERNET!

May 3, 2006