I've been a Flickr member now for 10 years and during this time, I have made some great Flickr friends. It is so nice to experience the loyalty of my friends and I can only hope that I am can be as good of a friend, too. This is a place where we share our lives through photos, and I enjoy learning so much about you from them.


I'll share a few things here so you get a small glimpse into my life. I have made my career as a classical musician and an instrumental music teacher for many years. My photography became a serious passion only in the last 10 years. I thought, if I can master an instrument, then the camera could not possibly be as hard. I am still learning and enjoy tutorials, tips, reading photography books and practicing just as much as I enjoyed taking lessons on my instruments. Currently I use Photoshop CC 2021 and Camera Raw 13.0.2 to do my processing. I have studied photo processing by Tony Kuyper, Sean Bagshaw, Michael Breitung, Alex Noriega, and several others.

Photography is a serious passion-hobby and is the panacea to my need to explore the world. My music and my camera are my tools to help me to express myself and make sense of life as I see it. ♪


A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.

Paul Cezanne

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  • OccupationMusician and Landscape Photography


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An impressive gallery with many different and interesting pictures of great quality. I like it very much. Many greetings from Berlin to San Antonio! Gina.

March 13, 2020

I very much appreciate the spirit in which lives the photograph made of emotions and the pursuit of beauty; his photographs striking aesthetic but also go straight to the heart. I like her.

December 30, 2015