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Zoo Negara, 16-12-2007.

The actual photo I took with a borrowed DSLR that set me down the path of photographic discoveries.


NY_0209 (Week 1) - Thaipusam '09

My current pick for most favorite photo taken.


Somewhat fickle & a perfectionist. I've only started taking photography seriously as a hobby since August 0f 2007. I enjoy images that envoke emotions may it be portraitures, still life or whatever that tickles the heart-strings. The photos I upload on Flickr serves as a progress bar for me to gauge how much I've improved over time. I started out with a Sony Cybershot T100 as my photographic tool & now shoot with an Olympus DSLR. Hoping to learn and enjoy from all the FlickRites out there! :-D

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Adipek, one of the great photographer in flickr, aku suka gmbr gmbr dia, unique in his own way, most of the time,adi captured the moment of kuala lumpur,sad,emptyness and most of everything... nice knowing u adi, good luck in near future friend :D

December 10, 2008

This guy is something else. He'll take a photo, then twist and turn it in ways you would never imagine. His photostream is filled with magnificent visual creations. I hate his guts.

October 17, 2008