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First of all, thank you for visiting my Photostream and viewing my profile.


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About Photography and myself: We had been good friends for long. Always I have loved photography and am mindful of the dramatic influence of visual experience on human minds.But I had never been a serious photographer,


But now I am slowly being drawn to it as a hobby or special interest. I am taking it seriously. And I want to learn and improve too. Watching classic, beautiful and creative works on flickr by talented artists is surely one of the motivation factors for this renewed commitment.


Technological advances together with web based photosharing sites like flickr have revolutionalised the scope of digital photography and its reach , making it a lot easier for photography fans like me to learn from the larger community .It also helps to draw inspiration from the beautiful,and telling artistic pieces uploaded by creative minds around the world.


I enjoy being part of the flickr community and love sharing my not-so-perfect works.Hope you will like it. Please do give your suggestions on how I could improve. I love to hear creative criticism.


I feel all minds crave for recognition and apreciation. I would try to commend on as many pieces as time allows - on works that I perceive as worthy.. I may skip those which does not fit into my perspective as I do not deem myself as an expert to give critical commentary. Please dont take it badly.


Sorry for being a bit too lengthy!


I'm married and father of three.


Hope you enjoy the photos. Have best of times.


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My Photographic Gear:


Nikon D90

Canon G9

NIKKOR 18- 200mm VR

TOKINA 12-24 mm

NIKKOR 50mm - f1.8

Nikon SB-700 SpeedLight

Manfrotto 728B

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