Hi! I am a 27-year old Filipino-American born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. I started taking photos because I found the idea of being able to capture a moment in time fascinating from an early age. No professional experience here. If you look through my photostream, you may notice an evolution in my photographic and editing abilities (hopefully for the better). When I look back at my edits, even after a couple days or weeks, I sometimes hate it!


Flickr is awesome because of the window it is to the people of the world and to art! I believe that Flickr's greatest feature is the "Faves" page on each of our profiles. It has been and continues to be an awesome jumping board to discovering others with similar interests and amazing works of art. As I have been blown away by the creativity and passion for the arts on this platform, I hope to someday be able to contribute something worthy of being called art.


Most of my own photos are of public events or places or streets, but I am particularly interested in the interaction between light, the natural world, and the human form. I believe that nude art is beautiful and powerful and can be created in ways that are uplifting, respectful, and empowering for the model. The human body is not shameful. Social stigmas around nudity and human sexuality are deeply concerning and frankly harmful to everyone. Nude art is not "dirty". Human sexuality is fundamental to our existence and something to be celebrated and embraced. Because of the window that Flickr is to such diverse creativity, I have learned to deeply value freedom of expression. Being on this platform has allowed my photographic interests to expand exponentially. Thank you for the experience!


Music is a great way to connect with others. Here is a playlist I created of some of my favorite music!


IMAGE USAGE: Please credit "risingthermals". Many of my images are already available for non-commercial use, but for all others feel free to send a message.


I follow 2,000+ accounts, but I DO NOT spam or use bots to follow photographers or fave images. If I follow you, it's because I've found something I really appreciate in your photostream! No return follow is expected (unless you truly like my work of course). Everyday I look forward to catching up with my Flickr feed!. Some might think it's impossible to keep up, but because most of us don't upload images everyday, it's doable!


PLEASE NOTE: None of my photos are intended to be voyeuristic, offensive, or exploitative. I have and will block individuals who favorite my photos for less than tasteful reasons. I do this because I don't want my content viewed in ways that tend to objectify human beings.


If you find yourself in any of my photos, please feel free to download and use the image non-commercially. If you would like a photo of you to be removed, let me know and I'll do so immediately. You can reach me through FlickrMail. Thank you!

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