Country: Russia

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Hobby: Photo


Photography is a hobby for me, which has long been an impossible dream. Even in the first grades of school I was fascinated by photography, but unfortunately life all the time took me to other directions. Years passed, and the dream did not go away ... As soon as I got a camera (or at least some kind of camera), I began to photograph (rather, experiment with the camera). For a long time I tried to shoot on the first phones with cameras. As a result of unsuccessful attempts with phones, I thought it might not be for me. But the interest passed a little time and I again thought "will they take photographs for me?" In my third decade, I decided that I needed to be more serious than phone shots and budget cameras, so I bought my first DSLR ...


Now I have a very long and thorny job ahead of me. :)


Most of all I like to shoot people. Especially their faces.


And remeber: Never say - never again


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