Also started using Instagram in 2018 following the purchase of a Huawei P20 pro , the idea being to mainly add mobile phone shots and old flickr photos here. Instagram link is


My photos have been used on the TV programmes Heir Hunters and Lewis. My interest in social history and genealogy means I often try to reunite photo albums that I find with family ancestors and I think this has occurred over 10 times. I have also sold photo albums to Museums.


On Flickr I have set many albums include Street Photography , Running ,Family photos, Black and White, Bury St Edmunds England,

Victorian and Edwardian Photographers ,Pub- signs,Suffolk England,Ipswich Town - football,Bury Town football,Music

Cats & Animals,Lake District England and Village Signs mainly Suffolk.


But there are many other subjects in the albums!


The first cameras I used were my fathers. He was keen on Nikon as a make and so I used a Nikon Fm and Em SLR back in the days of film in the late 1970's and 1980's. Many of these photos I have now uploaded after scanning.My father took thousands of photos using film and there was always a film being sent off for development. These have sat in those wallets really for at least 20 years. I am working my way through them and scanning these to flickr


CDV's and Cabinet Cards


You will see I have a fairly large collection of Carte De Viste and Cabinet Cards from the Victorian and Edwardian Era of photography. The photos interest me as much for the image of the sitter as for the photographer. From the advertising on the back you are often able to trace a little history of the photographer via census records and existing websites via google searches. Occasionally a photo will have a name and it is possible to research their family tree. In this way I have been able to return some photos to family members by tracking them via Ancestry UK. My biggest interest is finding photos related to Bury St Edmunds and Suffolk


Photo Albums


I have over the years acquired many photo albums of pictures not related in any way to my own family. Often I buy these from car boot sales , antiques fairs and from E bay. This could be said to be a questionable activity why would I want photos of unknown families? For me there are so many reasons to buy these albums? I have always enjoyed looking at photo albums, there is the social history element of trying to identify who might have been the original owner , where photos were taken the fashion and identifying th eage of photos. Occasionally turning up some unusual photos such as as those of David Lloyd George and George Bernard Shaw what were they doing in an unwanted photo album in Suffolk. So to me by buying these albums and scanning these photos on to Flickr I am in a small part rescuing some images of people that might have ended up in a tip gone for ever. In some cases these photos may be the only images of a person in existence




A lot of my photos were taken when I was out running. Yes might seem strange but I generally take a camera with me when I go for a jog and have done so for about 5 years. Initially I was using a Fuji Finepix A345 a decent 4mp camera. The main requirement when running is to have a lightweight camera.I replaced this after wear and tear with a a Casio Exilim EXZ70 which was lighter still and slim


One of my aims was to visit as much of Suffolk as I can whilst out running the county. Unfortunately though I have visited many I will never run through every village as I am no longer running .Visit my sets and you will see that I have covered around 100 villages and towns in Suffolk.




The family , friends and realtives set is one of the largest and most popular. Photos of family dating back to the 1930's. There are also many street candid photos.


Ipswich Town Football Club


I was a season ticket holder at Ipswich Town for many years and regularly took a camera with me to games with out any problems except I don't take a digital SLR with me so I don't have a telescopic lens.


I have also included many photos of Ipswich Town Football Club but now only visit a few times in a season


I have formed a number of flicker groups including







1970's groups

UK Running.


The photography provided me with a visual extra to my running diary which I keeped at a blog site which is


Running in Suffolk's groups


Suffolk towns and villages that I have visited to run and photograph to December 2010 include


Acton , Alpheton, Ampton, Assington, Barrow, Beyton, Bury St Edmunds, Cockfield, Chevington, Culford,Drinkstone, Elmswell, Felixstowe, Fornham St Martin, Fornham All Saints, Fornham St Genevieve, Gt Barton,Gt Waldingfield, Hadleigh, Hargrave, Hawkedon, Hawstead,Hengrave, Hoggards Green, Horringer, Horsecroft, Ickworth, Ingham, Ipswich, Lavenham,Leavenheath, Long Melford, Lt Waldingfield, Lt Whelnethum, Moreton Hall, Nayland, Newton,Norton, Nowton, Ousden, Pakenham,Pinford End,

Rede, Risby, Rushbrooke, Shimpling, Sicklesmere, Southwold, Stanningfield, Stoke by Nayland, Timworth, Whepstead, Woolpit,

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