some random edited and unedited, analog and digital photos of more than 150.000 I´ve taken the last 18 years (few are older).


makin pics is alot of fun and for me like a diary ..they help to remember ..and prolly some of them will last longer on earth than me



I'm listening the often i can :)


some videos on


I'm always impressed how many awesome photos here to be found ... i could watch them for hours ! :P

Thanks to all this great photographer !!!



"I'm just a guy with a camera ! Life's good :) " - Neotrinos


"Making pictures is something that brings me tremendous pleasure."


"Wer auf den Auslöser drückt, hat die Pausetaste für das Leben unter dem Finger. Die Zeit wird zum Standbild, und ein Augenblick erstarrt für die Ewigkeit."


"A picture is worth a thousand words."


"Die beste Kamera ist die, die man dabei hat:"

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