Hola my friends!


I enjoy looking at all the great photos many of you share with us. I am not very good at following a pattern of replying but I will get to your photos as it is one of my pleasures traveling the world through your lens.....Enjoy you time and be blessed for each day given.




Thank the Lord for the night time by Sam0hsong


Moody Blues

Moody blues by Sam0hsong

Flight of morning by Sam0hsong

I truly enjoy friends and their images from around the world. Arrived here from the now defunct Webshots community and am enjoying all the marvelous talents at Flickr.

I enjoy art and photography and hiking the beautiful lakes and parks and gardens in my area of Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. I find excuses hard to not be playing golf somewhere in the beautiful Carolinas. God be with you my friends. ~Sam

Japanese bridge @ Sarah Duke gardens by Sam0hsong

Male Ruby throat hummingbird guarding his territory!

Somethings up! by Sam0hsong

After Matisse homage done with Sharpie pens

Matisse homage in sharpie pens by Sam0hsong

Sarah Duke gardens red bridge in Spring

Walking Duke gardens in late March - red bridge by Sam0hsong

Having fun making an American flag out of my images.

American flag of family pictures by Sam0hsong


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