Most of my pictures are documents about nature, not artistic or creative work.

The aim is to illustrate a species, a behavior, a biotope.

Some are not very beautiful but I'm trying to improve the technical and aesthetic quality of my pictures.


I have uploaded these pictures here so that they could be used if somebody needs it.

All the nature pictures (without people on it) are under a creative commons by-sa license. You can use, modify, redistribute it under the conditions of this license (paternity, share alike). If you want to use it under less restrictive conditions, don't hesitate to contact me.


If you use my pictures, I will be pleased if you send me a message to tell me that you use it and in which context. But there is no obligation...


I have also uploaded these pictures here so that they could be constructively criticized from a scientific (eg identification) or technical (photography) point of view. Don't hesitate to post your comments then ...


Material :


- Many older pictures with a Nikon coolpix 4500 (+ sometimes Canon Powershot A620)

- since 2008 : Nikon D80 + micro-nikkor 60mm (+ sometimes Flash SB600 and kenko tubes)

- since 2011 : Nikon D7000


For high magnification macro :

- Nikon finite conjugate microscope objective (10 x 160/0.25)

- Nikon M plan microscope objective (20 x 210/0.4)

- These lenses generally on bellow (Nikon PB-4)


Post-treatment with "The Gimp". Focus stacks aligned with "align_image_stack" from the software "Hugin" and merged with "enfuse" (all are free softwares).

Metadata management with XnView under Ubuntu linux. I'm still looking for a free (as in free speech) software working under GNU/Linux with similar meta-data management possibilities...

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