June 2011


Dear Flickr pals: It's an ongoing challenge to keep abreast of your 'stream--and my own for that matter. I promise to keep trying. You know how it is... life has a funny way of happening when you least expect it. Then, as in the words of Chinua Achebe, "things fall apart." I am nothing if not persistent, so I'll keep trying.



I love Chicago, travel and solo motorcycle touring. My ride is a beautiful blue 2008 BMW F800ST--Sweeeeet!


Note: to all my Flickr friends. I am terrible about following through on invitations. Some of the rules challenge me beyond my ability to keep up. I try to join those groups that have the easiest, stress-free rules but even that gets to be too much for me. So please, no invitations.


I am grateful and deeply appreciate your time, comments and thoughtful invitations. Thank you! Please continue to comments and leave suggestions for improving my photography. I will, however, comment on your photos as thoroughly and as often as I can. Thank you for understanding.


UPGRADED: I use my Nikon D300s mostly; but still love my Nikon D80 and use it often. My latest baby is the venerable Ricoh GRDIII. Oh my heavens! Sweet!



If I "fav" you, it's because I respect your work and like the image and want to be able to refer to it easily when I review images. I respect art and artists. I give you my word: I will never use or misuse an image that belongs to you. I will treat your image(s) as I want mine treated--with dignity and respect for the artist and the art. To do otherwise is just not right and shame on those who do not abide by the truest and strictest ethical standards of honoring the art and artists. Enough preaching!


Lots of old cameras "collector wannabe"--too many to list. My favorite work tools include:


Nikon D300S


Nikon D80 (DSLR)

Nikon N80 (SLR film camera)

Pentax K1000

Olympus OM-1 (SLR)

Canonet G-III QL 17 (Rangefinder)

Yashica Mat 124G (Twin Lens medium format)

Flash: Nikon SB 600 (2)

Softbox kit w/stands

Umbrella (reflective) kit w/stands

Gary Fong diffuser


Lenses: Mostly Nikon, some Sigma and Olympus. Primarily prime but a good supply of teles/zooms.


Tripod: Bogen Manfrotto 190XPROB+804RC2

Manfrotto travel tripod

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Claire says:

Sharon is my godmother of photography. She continues to teach me so much about the craft. She's generous and has a great eye. For many, many reasons I am proud and lucky to call her a friend.

March 11, 2009