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Steve is a Southern California guy with a diehard passion for landscape, nature and wilderness photography. As a Los Angeles based photographer he enjoys Death Valley, Eastern Sierra, Big Sur, and Yosemite but there is so much more inbetween all of these familiar spots. A photographer's paradise can sometimes be found a little closer to home. Spending time in the landscape and letting it capture him is where the emotional connection comes from. California has helped him become one the most versatile landscape photographers around. Steve is also a certified Wilderness First Responder.


His work has been featured in many publications around the world such as Outdoor Photographer , Digital Photo Magazine (Eastern Europe), American History, The National Geographic, Mpix and many more. His photography was used in the fight to keep the 8,000 acres of Montana De Oro State Park off California's giant State Park closure list in 2008. His work exhibits in galleries, Hotels, Restaurants and even National and State Park offices.


Some of his biggest inspirations are David & Marc Muench, Carr Clifton, and Jack Dykinga.


Steve believes “everyone has their bad moments, but the good moments always out number the bad; with a good attitude, you can always make something out of nothing.”


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• Joshua Tree Light Painting Workshop & Secret Dunes - Feb & Nov biannual


• Eastern Sierra & Death Valley in March 2013 Annual


• Eastern Sierra & Death Valley in Oct 2012


• Zion in Fall Nov 2012


• Fall in Southern California (Los Angeles) Coast and Mountains Dec 2012 Annual


• Mojave Desert & Valley of Fire Dec. 2012


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I'm a very busy guy so If I'm working on something for you or don't get back to soon enough contact me again please!

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