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i'm simple really. more like a guy than a girl more than half the time.


i like salt on my oranges and soy sauce in my apples.


i hate hearts - i'm a valentine's baby and a honeymoon child to boot. -- one can only have so many heart themed things. iif my parents named me valentina i would have commited suicide.


i only like chocolate once a month.


i was born with my 2 bottom teeth and couldn't breast feed because of them.


i have no love for cookies or cakes but ice cream is a favorite friend.


i was raised in a convent


i just learned how to eat cheese and really don't like bread.


i love to dance but hate excercise.


i like my comfort zones but keep pushing myself out of them.


i try new activities to get out of my box and fail half the time, but success is sweet so i keep trying.


i majored in computer science and minored in dance (how's that for contrast?!)


injustice makes me cry, it makes me sick, it fires me up and it makes me feel helpless and insignificant. i yell against it.


mom and pop were expecting a boy and then there was me.

(i was going to be named juan carlos -- and so JC was borne)


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