Self-taught photographer.

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Niqol▲s says:

Like a colour you've never seen before The stars are where she belongs Art in its simplicity Beauty in its complexity

April 2, 2013

I stumbled upon your account purely by chance and I have to say I keep coming back. The ethereal atmosphere of your images is captivating, as if taken straight from a dream. So beautiful. You inspire me greatly! and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

November 22, 2012
gigantic book (deleted)

your stuff: awesome. enough said.

October 14, 2012
Andreii. says:

▲·stardust My god, it's so inspiring photos, only speak in both images, I'm lucky to know such talented people and bright!

September 17, 2012

Every one of stardusts pictures are unique! They are all one of a kind and so beautiful and creative!

August 26, 2012