Native of Chicago, but grew up in Florida and spent early adulthood there. Lived in Fort Worth, Texas but now back in Florida. Have been photographing since taking a photography class in college. My photos, until several years ago, were taken with a Pentax K1000 but I now use a digital camera.


I appreciate comments and faves but I do check those who do, especially on photos of female subjects. I have blocked and will block those who leave lewd or thoughtless comments, or those faves stream consist predominantly of female subjects, especially those who are scantily clad; or have pornography in their faves stream.


Also, in faving photos in my stream, please do not fave more than a few at a time. If you really like the photos in my stream, click the follow button by my name. I do not like seeing users faving dozens or even hundreds of photos in my stream at the same time. This is an abuse of the fave feature and a form of spamming and I am liable to block you if you do.


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