Amateur Photographer by no means a Professional,Now i am retired and have a bit more time on my hands i Just love to be out there with my camera photographing stuff i like.I was a truck driver for most of my working life,My folks had a farm so i was working with them any spare time i had,I did a few years Bus driving & i was a retained Firefighter for 10yrs.Subject Interest, All things rusty,crumbling and abandoned,Transport,Farming,Countryside & life in general.If any of my images are of interest to you in forming one of your Galleries please feel free to use them i will be honoured to be a part of it.


COPYRIGHT OWNED{{SJS PLANT{{SJS TRUCKPICS{{RAM TRANSPORT IMAGES{{RAMS HEAD PHOTOGRAPHY}} Please do not use or Reproduce any of my images without my permission,Steve Jeffsson>

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  • JoinedFebruary 2013
  • OccupationRetired HGV/PSV Driver,Contract Operator.


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Steve has a great variety of interesting pictures, I especially like the landscapes of the Peak district, fabulous keep this southerner happy wi your photo's in'thills!

December 21, 2020