I simply enjoy taking random photos of things that I see and appreciate. Granted I may use Flickr as a photo dump and have quite a few to many but hey I don't think it hurts anyone.


Subjects that I enjoy taking photos of include signs, desserts, holidays abroad, black and white graveyards as well as using a number of iPhone aps. Any positive or negative advice, critique or comments are always greatly appreciated. I enjoy random, weird and quirky.


I have scanned a few photos that are from pre-digital times. I decided to do this as a way to keep the memories of those that are sadly no longer with us. There may be the occasional duplicate but that is because my photos were transferred from Yahoo and I already had a Flickr account. I have also included photos that I have taken with my mobile phone - so please do excuse the quality of these ones.


I was initially against digital photography but wow was I wrong. I do however, administer a couple of groups such the Cambridge United Football Club, Newmarket Racing and Addenbrookes and Rosie Hospital Cambridge.








Anyway, thats me but please feel free to leave a coment!



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