I am 19


I am doing a course in Photography :)


I have an intrest in Cars And Trucks :) I am also decently knowledged in that area :)

CQCFK by | Brok | Woods |


At the moment I am doing iPhone 5 photography , But am trying my best to be creative :)


I have recently (15th of jan) Have A Canon 550D D-SLR


I am a Landscape and Vehicle Photographer


I LOVE my ND400 filter, and my long exposures (especially water)

The ND400s Maiden Shot by | Brok | Woods |

"expose" by | Brok | Woods |

First Sunset of 2013 by | Brok | Woods |

Apocalypse Sunrise by | Brok | Woods |


Thanks very much :)

Hope to see you on Yahoo Messanger, or just anywhere ,really :)

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