In case you're curious, I'm from Canada. Yes I ride a moose to work. No, not all of us are lumberjacks (Timber rafting is an honourable trade, jeez!), and yes, when I am not astride my raft of logs, I do regularly make a ritual blood sacrifice to the forest gods in the form of a thousand biting, stinging insects. We here in the great north call this form of forest god worship camping. Cheers!


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Crazy AFoLs... When it comes to leading a battle in the vast reaches of space or defending a fragile display from the clueless zombie masses, Tayasunne's your guy.

October 7, 2009
Flashy Rest (deleted)

His stuff rocks! I'm surprised his stuff doesn't appear on TBB more often! If there is anyone that is looking for a good building rolemodel, this is your guy. Oh, and Canada rocks!

July 26, 2008