Artist’s Statement:


I enjoy both photography and painting. My influences are other artists both past and present.

There is nothing I enjoy more that browsing a gallery or an art book/magazine.


My site showcases:


•traditional photographs

•composite photographs

•traditional drawings and paintings

•photo/painting hybrids

•digital paintings


My style could be described as eclectic.


In my photography I try to squeeze a good or maybe even great photo out of what might have been seen as a very ordinary subject or....may not have been seen at all by those not looking.


As to my painting, I lean towards impressionism, surrealism and abstraction, saving my realism for my traditional photographs.


You will also note in my Art, that I often take a traditional photograph, painting or drawing and subject it to digital manipulation to achieve an impressionistic, surreal or abstract result.


In my portrait painting and drawing I tend to use some artistic licence, using the traditional as my leaping-off point, in taking the art piece towards the impressionistic, surreal or the abstract.


Thank you for visiting my images and galleries at


Jim Vance

Kingston Ontario,


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