Short,stacked,quirky brunette with a passion for tea,ink,and words.I love the cold, and the little moments. I am enamored by my memories,they both haunt and inspire me.A blessing and a curse,I don't think I'll forget anything. I'm in a constant pursuit to make things tangible.Things that last and somehow escape time itself.


I'm the kinda girl that will want to go get waffles with you at 2am.Thats just how I roll.I like watching the sun come up..I guess you could say I'm a morning person,if it didn't require being up so fucking early.

I enjoy walking on the beach when its foggy with a warm coffee,and poking sea anemones with my finger.I'm a sucker for marine biology.

I appreciate a little mystery.The things about you no one knows.Uninhibited conversation is the fastest way to my heart.

A girl who's tough as nails,but bruises easily.No legs are fucked up.I really should be taking my vitamins.

Owner of a foul mouth and a sharp tongue,but so down to earth I'm probably crawling on pavement.


I am everything and nothing you'd expect me to be....

But that's what makes me so damn fun

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  • JoinedNovember 2008
  • HometownBay Area
  • Current citySan Francisco
  • CountryUSA
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