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Camera Equipment:

3-D World medium format stereo camera; Canon T90 [19-35mm]; Canon A-1 Stereoscopic Rig ([2] 28-90mms); Nikon D1X (18-70mm); Eho Stereo Box Camera (c. 1920); Stereo Realist 2.8 (c.1950s); Stereo Realist Ilex Paragon 3.5 (c.1940s); ViewMaster Personal Camera; Nimslo Lenticular Camera (4 lenses); Olympus XA Stereoscopic Camera Rig; Sputnik 120 Stereo Camera (Russian); Stereoscopic 120 6x9 Pinhole Camera; Stereoscopic 4x5 Pinhole Camera; Infrared filter r72; iPhone.

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  • JoinedNovember 2005
  • OccupationMultimedia Designer, School for Advanced Research on the Human Experience (SAR)
  • HometownEast Los Angeles
  • Current citySanta Fe, New Mexico
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