Born in Halifax early 1960s. Still in the Calderdale area. Attended Crossley & Porter School 1972-1979. Started work Department of Health & Social Security September 1979. Still there (now it's the Department for Work & Pensions). President of Halifax Gilbert & Sullivan Society. Clerk to the Trustees, Joseph Crossley's Almshouses, Halifax. Methodist Local Preacher (now inactive). Lifelong transport enthusiast.


My daily work takes me around the Leeds/Bradford/Calderdale/Kirklees area, and my camera is always in the glove locker, so most of my bus shots are from this area. However, I occasionally get sent to the eastern fringes of West Yorkshire, and sometimes even get into East Lancs/Greater Manchester, so that widens the range.


Since joining Flickr in 2007, I have amassed quite a collection of bus photos (although I do have other interests!). All my photos, buses or not, are tagged with as much reference information as I can gather. They are all geotagged so you can see where they were taken. They are all in sets, which groups them logically. All my sets are placed in collections, and some of my collections are in 'super' collections! Most photos don't have captions, unless there is something particular I feel the need to record, and most have the location as the title.


My collection continues to grow, and, hopefully, as time goes by, becomes more interesting. I hope you enjoy my hobby as much as I do.

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