My name is Violet Morgan-Cumberbach, or Aunty Vi (my friends call me) which if you haven't guessed is a pseudonym! It's the name I use on Facebook too, my friends are used to it and I've sort of grown to love it, so, as my public name it stays and that's the way I like it.


I drive buses for my job with trentbarton on "the nines" service, it's a great job which I thoroughly enjoy, I have worked there for nearly 17 years.


I have found a 'new' LOVE recently, police and ambulance vehicles, who would have thought that something one see's around every day would be so fascinating!!! I absolutely LOVE 'EM!! I've not been 'collared' yet for taking any photo's of police vehicles, although I sometimes get 'The look', but I feel that sooner or later, when I least expect it to, I will be, I wonder if anyone else has had problems in that area and how have you dealt with it??


Here's a link for the Terrorism Act 2000, Section 4.5 on page 19 may be of interest to some of you :-)



My husband John is a prolific photographer of almost anything that moves, buses, trains, lorries, fire engines etc etc, so along on his travels go I, not wanting to feel left out I take my camera along with me and take one or two photographs myself, I won't always put any photo's on as I'm quite critical of my own work, which I'm sure most of you will understand what I mean by that. He also has a photostream, Moving_Britain, here's a link.....


I love going to the airport, Manchester and East Midlands are my prefered ones, Manchester aviation park is a bit of a sore subject at the moment as they have increased their charges so much it doesn't make it such a cheap day out anymore, I'm not one to be ripped off, in my opinion money is hard earned and these companies should give people value for money (VFM) and if I don't feel that I'm getting VFM then they don't get my hard earned cash, simple as that, but sometimes I do give in, if I want it bad enough! Lol!

East Midlands airport however is a different story, it's free where I've taken my photographs! Wahay!! Free! Now that's how it should be. Due to commitments I don't actually get as often as I like, but hey, that's life 'aint it.


Well, I hope you enjoy looking at my photo's, but please remember they are mine ©, taken by me © and not to be 'stolen' as such, I am usually willing to share when requested though, but feel free to comment if you wish and ......




Regards Violet xx

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