Un oggetto trans-nettuniano è un corpo celeste appartenente al sistema solare la cui orbita si trova interamente o per la maggior parte oltre a quella di Nettuno.


red shoes


Indosso da sempre calze nere, di quelle che a vista accendono il dubbio, che il bordo finisca molto prima dei fianchi, lasciandomi all' aria la parte importante. Le avevo scoperte fin da quando bambina, frugavo curiosa nei cassetti di mamma, e mi immergevo da sola nei colori e fiocchetti, e giocando alla donna mi ammiravo allo specchio.


Non sono una trans, sono un crossdresser, intimamente feticista sono attratto dalla femminilità e da tutto ciò che è femminile, ogni tanto do libero sfogo a questa mia passione vestendomi da donna, sono colpito dal potere che esercitano sugli uomini e mi piacerebbe essere come loro. Una mia fantasia è quella in vesti femminili di poter dominare psicologicamente i maschi.


Mi piacciono le donne e sto cercando la complicità di una donna che sappia capire le mie fantasie.


un bacio a tutti quelli che gentilmente si sono soffermati qui.




PS si accettano regali e tributi


per non essere sola almeno stasera


I liked to wear nylons on puberty, but I never dressed complitly.

I was terribly attracted to nylons, hosiery and in girls dressing it, for examples some actresses of the 70's italian movie comedy. I also liked strong women and marvel superheroines, and their suites. I wondered to be one of them.

I have hetero relationships with girls, and a long romance with my previous wife, but she was not the kind of girl to make me happy wearing nylons, she didn't like it, and we had to discuss about , she said " you must like me and not what I wear"

I begun in dressing also with wig and make up in my forties, (two years ago).

I do not need to be enfemme, I stay alone at home but I do not like to dress for myself, I like dressing for special events, such as going out, discos, clubs, restaurants, I like the feeling to stay in the scene dressed like a woman, and what other people think about me. I like also boys apreciations and the comments they make. I like the power of glamourous women have onto males, in my fantasies I am a mistress and I need male psicological obedience.


adorabili piedini


I am single and I'm looking for a woman who knows about Elisabetta and is also comprehensive in this fetish way of living.






PS we accept gifts and tributes


Per poter capire un po me ed i miei gusti, visitate non solo la galleria fotografica ma anche le mie foto favorite.


To understand me and what I like, take a look not only at my pictires but also at my favourite gallery




dopo diverse disavventure su yahoo dove nei miei gruppi avevo raccolto parecchio materiale ed informazioni ho deciso di ricominciare ed ho formato un nuovo grupppo, a tema travestitismo - crossdressing, lo scopo è quello di formare un archivio informazioni: dai negozi , ai consigli per il trucco, ai video, personaggi famosi del passato, storie, psicologia , etcetera, etcetera


after various disavventure on yahoo where in my groups I had collected much material and information I have decided to start again and I have formed a new one, topic transvestitism - crossdressing, the scope is to form an archive of informations, something of public utility: from the stores, online shops, to make up, videos, famous people, artists, stories, psycology, etcetera, etcetera




invece mi trovo molto bene a conversare su quest'altro gruppo qui su flickr:


amd this is my favourite group of discussion:




e per tutte le donne che non hanno pregiudizi e per le sorelline che hanno moglie o sognano di stare insieme ad una donna comprensiva


and for all the women that have no prejudice, and for all the married sisters or the crossdressers that want a comprehensive woman:



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adorable wave (deleted)

Tigressa has fabulous humor and is very creative. Her faves list includes many classic female impersonators and is not to be missed. She's fantastic!

December 5, 2009
Innocent Fire (deleted)

thanks for letting me be part of your great photos :)

August 8, 2009
utopian reading (deleted)

When I first laid eyes on __Tigressa__ I had a feeling she was special. She drives your desires to new heights and gives you a big reason to run for the sensual embrace of her arms. __Tigressa__ certainly deserves to be treated with the finer things in life as any lady should. With every superb new photo __Tigressa__ p… Read more

When I first laid eyes on __Tigressa__ I had a feeling she was special. She drives your desires to new heights and gives you a big reason to run for the sensual embrace of her arms. __Tigressa__ certainly deserves to be treated with the finer things in life as any lady should. With every superb new photo __Tigressa__ posts she proves to her fans that she is the Queen of Elegance!! Sometimes I glare over __Tigressa__'s pics for awhile........so when I go to bed I have 'Heavenly Dreams' of her.......but enough of my weakness. Hey everybody, listen to me and do yourself a favor and check out Italy's hottest asset, __Tigressa__. She's wonderful, has a fantastic figure, is classy and elegant, is someone you could have a thoughtful conversation with, enticingly sinful, and a true beauty. __Tigressa__, sweetie, you can always be my wicked enchantress any day of the week!

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August 1, 2009

Thank You So Much For The Add... Looking Forward To Sharing A Nice Friendship With You...LIFE IS WAYYYY TOOOO SHORT!!!! Live Life...Love Life...Always Be YOU!!! And when life gets the HARDEST... Give more LOVE than you have ever known possible... Hugs, xxx

May 6, 2009