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As with many lifelong pursuits, it all started with me toying with my parents' possession, a basic Kodak, when I was young. I remember looking at those SLR advertisements in newspapers and glossy magazines and was particularly fascinated by the magenta or greenish light diffractions off their lenses. Somehow, I managed to convince my parents to buy me this Yashica which remains with me in working condition.


My first camera


Starting off with film was great. We didn't waste shots because it was costly. I recall struggling with the light and composition and not taking the shot afterwards because it wasn't good enough to risk a precious frame. How things have changed in the digital age. We sometimes take a picture for insurance.


All my gear was stolen in Barcelona when I was on holiday and I stopped taking photographs for a long time after that. Film was on its way out and at that point a DSLR was US$15,000 and I couldn't afford it. And funnily, I just stopped. For years and years. Sure, I had a simple point-and-shoot and took some snaps, but I simply stopped going out deliberately to shoot images.


And in between, studies and career took over. But as they say, your first loves (music, travel, photography) never went away. When the resolution finally caught up with film and equipment became affordable again, I bought a new camera, the first time in what could be a decade.


I got a Nikon D800E, joined Flickr, became a Getty contributor, and suddenly photography is a big part of my life outside work, which obviously has its pros and cons. But it's fun. My subjects are eclectic and I am particularly happy with beautiful images of very ordinary things. Living in Singapore, I do not have majestic landscapes at my doorstep and may explain the lack of specialisation. I am inspired by the quality of images taken by photographers here and those on Explore are stunning. I feel I have a long way to go, but it's the journey that matters.


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