I call my flickr site "Tom's Garden Shed" which is a metaphor for personal place and, in my case, organised chaos. My shed is a place of reflection and contemplation where I play with images, ideas, and memories. From my shed emerges a haphazard sequence of images which flickr graces with its own metaphor "photostream", i.e. "stream of light". The mixing of these two metaphors sometimes gives rise to turbulence. I am seeking the light but sometimes I find darkness.


I use an iMac to develop my shed and I make frequent use of the "Collection" facility. I would love to see a "Collections" button next to the "Albums" button on the line above, but I don't think it's going to happen and as far as I can see "Collections" doesn't seem to appear at all on tablet or smart phone flickr apps, so for better or for worse my "Albums" are arranged as follow:

New Albums (perhaps);

Active Projects;

Journeys and Places, a very big section organised roughly in order of distance from my home;


Dead or Dormant Projects;

Family and Friends;


Mindfulness and Meditation.

If you want quick access to Mindfulness, Music or Family go straight to the end of the "Albums".


My Collections are organised as follows:


Family and Friends;

Journeys and Places;


Architecture, Art and Design;


Mindfulness and Meditation.

To access my Collections page click here.


[I am currently re-organizing my Collections, and flickr is playing up. Please bear with me.]

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