I upload photos into my photostream in no particular order, so please view my stream via Flickr collections. My photos are organized into themes and dates/ places there.


some of my recent Flickr collections of my travels:


December 2019 Taipei, Taiwan (on my other Flickr account for Taiwan photos.)


November 2019 Hong Kong


November 2019 Fujian, China


April 2019 La Union, Philippines


December 2018 Bali, Indonesia


Oct. 27 to Nov. 4, 2018- Fujian, China


March - April 2018 Bangkok


October 2016 Bangkok and Luang Prabang


October 2016 Hong Kong


Urban exploration | Landscape documentation | Language in architecture | Graffiti and Street Art | Signs | Typography | Food Photography


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3. Flickr page containing my Taiwan photos.

4. My Chile photos.

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