Somewhat boring, but knitting livens me up a bit.


I sell knitted things at Trinkers' HandKnits*.


Nevertheless, I am, apparently, the face of Web 2.0 in Norway.


*of Doom!

  • JoinedFebruary 2004
  • HometownMissouri
  • Current citySeattle, Washington
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Trinity she is/ pushing the camera thing/ taking pictures.

December 1, 2006

i love this woman.

September 9, 2006

Trinity makes me laugh. We share a number of things: flowers, love of patterns, and Art. I look forward to hanging out when she comes out the San Francsico, it will be a blast.

April 25, 2005
cygnoir says:

Grace and strength, wit and wisdom. I love to see Trinity online, and someday hope to hug her in person. I dedicate the word "intrepid" to her.

April 25, 2005

'becca is a very very naughty girl with a cup more of robots than I have, she is the Lilith of GNE and has an affinity for capturing minimalistic shapes and small things in life. ...this is why I believe her husband to be will be a smurf.

April 25, 2005

Trin has it all as far as I'm concerned. She has *no* need to look at anyone else and say "where's mine?" also, when her cat scares her, it's funny, :)

April 25, 2005

Trin makes me want to write all sorts of lists just so I can make her #1 on all of them!

April 3, 2005

The three of them were inseperable, the two girls and the boy. They went everywhere together. They wandered the wet meadows together, when they could. They ate together; they slept together. But tomorrow, Nurse Neimi said, was the operation.

April 28, 2004
styler* says:

Trinty is not only one of the coolest, sweetest chicks i know, she also can kick some serious butt.

April 3, 2004

She sends you pictures of her bum - not an entirely unpleasing experience :)

April 1, 2004
GreyArea says:

Mommmm!! Trinity is smacking me!!!

February 5, 2004
Meer says:

Short, swee...oh wait! :) She makes me laugh?

February 4, 2004