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A middle school Project Lead the Way teacher by trade, photography is one of my hobbies that I wish I had time to explore more often. Having picked it up through both my dad and through yearbook work in high school, I have slowly developed my own photographic tastes. The easiest way to label my tastes is to just say outdoor photography in general, leaning towards nature as a subject matter. But, time is often a hindrance, so I try to shoot whenever I find something interesting.


Regarding my equipment. If my photos were taken after June 15, 2007, in almost all occasions the camera was a Canon Digital Rebel xTi. Before that date, it could have been a Sony DSC-P92, Canon Digital Rebel, or the Canon Powershot A-85. The Sony was mine, and I occasionally used my friends cameras if situation required. I have also used my phone over the years, including Blackberry Storm 1 & 2, and now a Galaxy Nexus. Since I prefer to crop my photos before using Flickr Uploader, some EXIF data is missing from older photos (until I learned out to avoid it being stripped out). If you want to know any stats about a particular photo, let me know and I'll be happy to pull the information for you.


The one photography pet peeve I have stems from my time working in a photo lab. As digital cameras have become more and more common, I've noticed an increase in photo printing frenzy from people who feel that they need to print all 15 variations of the exact same shot instead of picking the one or two best ones, and just plain saving the rest on disk. It didn't take long to find people doing the same thing on here. One extreme case I found was someone who had one set with about 1400 photos from an event, and the first 9 photos were of the same group of people in the same pose, some out of focus, some poorly lit, and some of them just standing there talking before posing again, with only one or two that were good. And that pattern repeated itself throughout the set. Personally, I don't feel every single photo needs to be displayed. A few great photos outweighs a pluthra of mediocre photos. Just one little bit of ranting that I felt like adding, and grinning as I say "I won't do THAT."

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