Thank you for visiting my Photostream, I appreciate all Comments and Faves. if my work makes people happy, then I am happy too.


A keen photographer, dabble in anything but favorite subjects Birds / Wild Life, Flora & fauna , Toad Stools/Mushrooms.

Just getting into still life, prefer black background and colours.

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I support the St. Bernard Trust and invite anyone to do same

as they are dedicated group of people working to rescue and help these giants



Please comment on my photos, always keen to improve.


Love funny captions .


Remember that even the best/most expensive camera , is useless if its not in your hands.

and the best feature of any camera is 12 inches behind it . and if it doesn't produce good photographs its due to the nut holding it level.



Having noticed a very large amount of views on one of my photos, of a male St Bernard dog, I checked on who had favoured this photo, and was shocked to see this person and 2 others, had also favoured many other similar shots of animals, So please be aware that there are some people, on here, that are collecting shots of animals, how can I put this, for inappropriate use.

I have replaced the photo to one a duck on water


I take photos that I like not to impress or win competition a hobby should be fun .


A flower only lasts a short time , but a photograph keeps its beauty alive.

Naught shall avail after passing so give them the flowers now

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