I'm a photographer with no particular interest in pursuing it professionally. Mouldering somewhere in a drawer is a certificate conferring upon the hereunder mentioned a bachelor's degree in commercial photography which serves principally as a reminder that a professional photographer spends about 20% of their time taking pictures. 75% is dedicated to admin, sales, marketing, meetings, tax, accounts, planning, credit control, HR and all the other joys of running a photography business. So no thanks, I'd much rather do it for laughs. [What happens to the other 5%? Ed.]


My principal interest or obsession in photography is how light and shade interact with a subject or scene to change the narrative. I never tire of exploring the possibilities. It can be any kind of natural or created light, it doesn't matter to me and neither does the type of equipment in use. That's why all my pictures are the same, regardless of the [that's enough now. Ed.]


Beyond a basic level of controlling intensity, duration and sensitivity most modern cameras do a very good job. Nonetheless the internet is awash with witch doctors and other juju men peddling their spells and snake oil about equipment and technique. It's not a club I wish to join so I don't get involved in "teaching" discussions. No offence is intended by this, even to the witch doctors.


If you invite me to submit a picture to your group, it's kind of you but if I can't see what's there already I can't accept the invitation. What if your group is full of offensive images? Do I want my pictures associated with them? Seems like a no-brainer to me but, just in case, the answer is no I don't. Similarly, if you kindly invite me to join a group I probably won't accept immediately. I don't want to be a member of so many groups that I see my own pictures all the time. I really enjoy looking at other people's work. Has the artist done the scene justice? Has the artist magically obtained something extra from the scene through great composition or lighting? And I won't just abandon those groups which have been putting up with me for years. Moreover, if your group has rules you shouldn't invite me because rules and me were not made to work together.


For what it's worth my pictures are protected by copyright too. It's worth approximately nothing of course and no amount of threats or persuasion will stop screen shots of pictures being downloaded and duly appearing on the walls of homes in Timbuktu and Shanghai. The dealers get the $500, the artist gets the appreciation. That's why I upload low resolution copies of my pictures. Even so the helpful people at Messrs Adobe & Sons have recently provided a super resolution algorithm which can produce a printable image from a picture the size of a postage stamp. Perhaps they thought they hadn't helped enough with their content aware fill process which the thieves find ideal for removing watermarks. [Whatever but it doesn't sell washing machines. Do some weddings. Ed.]


Disclosure:I paid for all the testimonials which appear below.

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Mike is a truly gifted photographer. His still life frames, for me, are particularly notable. They demonstrate his refined camera skills as well as his artful eye for composition. It's a joy and inspiration to see the world through his eyes and lens!

July 22, 2021

Great photo gallery. Light and details are the absolute protagonists. It's a pleasure to watch your shots!

June 13, 2021

I love looking at your gallery. Every single shot is a true work of art! :) You are a truly fantastic artist and photographer. Your Flickr portfolio is therapy for my soul and a feast to the eye :) Thank you for sharing :) I am glad to follow :)

April 12, 2021

Galerie soignée bravo !!! de très belles image surtout ne lâche pas ton appareil !!!

June 26, 2019