This flickr collection was created to raise awareness of the activities of the United States Military in Northern Ireland during the Second World War, and also provide a reference source for those researching the period


The images can generally be divided into the following source types:


Photographs taken by military personnel in an official capacity.


Unofficial photographs by military personnel or civilians such as snapshots.


Press photographs for newspapers and magazines.


The collection also includes some scans of period documents and ephemera which have been included to add further context and broaden the content.


Image sources


Scans from contemporary magazines and books are generally not included in the photostream due to quality and editorial cropping. Where possible an original print or first generation scan, will be sought to provide as clear an image as possible.


If the image in the photostream originates from an online source, where possible that source or collection will be identified, and a link included. Examples of this are the Imperial War Museum (IWM), Life magazine collections (now held by Getty), and also the United States Army Air Forces content from Fold 3 (held at NARA). In the first two examples these images are watermarked with their own logo.


A substantial number of the images in the photostream are not available on any other websites and unique to the US Forces in Northern Ireland collection.


Many of these images have been scanned directly from original period prints.

These images have been watermarked with 'US Forces in Northern Ireland during WW2' to identify them as part of this on-line collection.


In some cases when an orignal print or negative can't be sourced, a lesser quality version may be used if the content is of sufficient interest.


About image re-use


The downloading of images directly via Flickr is disabled.


Sharing via social media can be done using a direct link to an image, via the 'share photo' function.

This is located in the middle of the three icons to the right of each image.

The icon will open the options for use on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Images watermarked with the US Forces in Northern Ireland during WW2 and re-used without prior permission, can be removed from social media through copyright law.


If you wish to use an image, where that image is previously from an on-line source, please follow the link if one is included.


Image Information


Caption information from the original sources is sometimes include. However this can often be limited or even completely incorrect due to a number of reasons relating to wartime conditions. The aim of the captions on the photostream is to provide further detail on the subject matter of each image, and identify and expand on any particular items of interest.


Where identifiable, locations are provided for the images. Some of which will be included into the map feature on Flickr.


We hope you enjoy the collection


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