Thanks so much for taking the time to view my profile and photostream. I encourage you to view my albums as that is where you can more easily see and explore the many types of flora, fauna and landscapes I have photographed and categorized. Some of my albums need to be refreshed with newer content. Some is very old.


I've been interested in nature for as long as I can remember. I love spending time outdoors searching for secretive animals or hiking through beautiful natural forests, deserts or meadows. The art of photography allows me to try and capture the special moments I experience in nature so that I can not only remind myself of those wonderful times but also share them with others.

I love landscape photography as well as wild animal photography and I specialize in targeting reptiles, amphibians and birds in their natural habitats. I love to capture not only closeups of these animals but also images of them in their wild habitats. In those types of photos the landscapes and the animals that depend on them come together to form a more complete picture of the beautiful and living landscape around. Hopefully this gives the viewer a more complete understanding of the many secretive animals which call a given landscape home and thus depend on us as stewards of those landscapes to protect them not just for their beauty but for their life giving properties for a variety of organisms.

I have extensive experience searching for reptiles and amphibians in Utah and have amassed a large amount of natural history information on their habits, habitats and life histories throughout the state. I hope to someday compile this information and my photographs of these species into a field guide for the reptiles and amphibians of Utah so that others can learn to appreciate these unique and important animals in the wonderful Utah landscape.


I currently shoot mirrorless cameras from Olympus, Fuji and Sony in three different sensor formats Micro 4/3, APS-C and Full Frame. Each system has its benefits and weaknesses but the Fuji is by far the most enjoyable to shoot with and create images followed by the Olympus. I shoot Sony strictly for greater resolution and dynamic range but the user experience of the Sony A7R2 really kind of sucks. If I could afford it I would shoot Fuji Medium format mirrorless instead of Sony Full frame but I can't justify that.


I have many photos of reptiles, amphibians, birds, plants and landscapes available for your perusal. Let me know what you think. I'm glad for my photo's to be used for non-profit and educational purposes but would appreciate you asking me first and giving me credit for the photo's. If you want to pay me for them that is even better!


My approach to flickr, following and friends.

When I am not swamped I try to post 3-5 pics a day. With my favorite shot of the group being the first. I greatly appreciate feedback in the form of faves, comments and flickr mail.


I try to view photos and provide feedback to of all those whom I follow daily but it really just depends on how busy I am. Sometimes I don't make it all the way through and I am usually doing that in descending chronological order from last posted.

Sometimes I literally fall asleep at my computer doing this.


# Start Rant #

Update: I am getting a little tired of people who follow me then unfollow me when I am offline then follow me again because they notice I start faving and/or commenting on their photos again. Then they unfollow me again. This is almost worse than those people who follow you just so they can attempt to get you to follow them back and as soon as you have they drop you so as not to have so much in their news stream.


I really don't have time to have either of these types of people as contacts. So if you like my stuff and you want to follow me and in turn be followed by and get my feedback on your photostream please click the follow button. But if you plan to drop me after I follow you back or after I miss commenting or faving one or more of your photos then please don't bother. Leave a one time comment or don't follow me at all. I am going to start blocking people I notice doing this as I am very busy and just don't have time for these types of transient or insincere connections.


If you follow me I will follow you back if I see anything interesting in your photostream that would make me want to follow you and if I don't see anything in your faves or photostream which I find offensive. If I don't follow you back it isn't because I don't think you have good work it may just be I am not interested in the same type of photography as you are and thus don't want to wade through it in my daily feed. I am not a big fan of street photography or random pics of humans. I prefer the natural world in the form of animals, natural landscape, rural landscapes or agricultural landscapes and images of people enjoying the same.


Note: I realize there are multiple ways to enjoy and interact with people and photos on flickr and following isn't what some people do. My perceptions is that most people interact with content on flicker in one of the following ways:

1. They follow people they are interested in and view those peoples photos in their people feed or recent activity feed. These people might interact with groups and explore and other flickr pages.


2. There are those who are more reactive in their exploration of flickr and photographers on flickr. They may react to faves and comments on their photo's by investigating the photostream of the person who gave them feedback. They may visit others via recommendations or may view other peoples photos via groups they participate in. They likely have people they follow as well but might keep that group small in this approach.


3. There are those who I think maybe only interact with photos and photographer's who are in the same flickr gropus that they participate in. Maybe they prefer those group settings and common themes, and the additional activities in groups.


I think there is something to learn from all of these approaches. I try to incorporate all of these approaches as well as specific key word searches into how I interact with flickr.


# End Rant #

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Brian Egar is not only a skilled photographer, but also an expert in locating reptiles and amphibians. I am from Utah (my guess is Brian is also), and I spend a lot of time out of doors, but I have never seen 1/100th of the species he has. In his "About" introduction he mentions he is thinking of creating a field guiā€¦ Read more

Brian Egar is not only a skilled photographer, but also an expert in locating reptiles and amphibians. I am from Utah (my guess is Brian is also), and I spend a lot of time out of doors, but I have never seen 1/100th of the species he has. In his "About" introduction he mentions he is thinking of creating a field guide for reptiles, I really hope he does.

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February 12, 2018