And so: Apparently much of the way I think and express myself can be described as "creative," although for me it is just what i do. I know no other way to communicate or express.


There are times when an inability to communicate or express myself otherwise imposes on my ability to interact in this world in a successful way. There are, in many instances, great benefits to having the ability to "be" creative. Even doing so on demand can generate an income, although it can rob you of your soul.


Other creative exploits I have been caught engaging in: cooking, wine, composing and recording music, typography, old pieces of mail, bookplates, genealogy, travel, business strategy.




I am a 9th great-grandson of Tristram Coffyn, an original founder of Nantucket Island and immigrant from Brixton, England in 1635. I only mention this because of my intoxicated immersion into the genealogical gene pool, of recent.




There's a gaping hole in the way we are


With nothing to fill it up anymore


No flesh, no blood, just broken bone


A frame to hang our lives from


We're living like skeletons


We're living like skeletons


Won't someone wake the dead in me


Won't someone shake the dust off me


Give me water give me bread


But don't give me up for dead


We're living like skeletons


------------ Adrian Borland 1981 - The Sound


white light from the mouth of infinity

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Famous Teaching (deleted)

OOh!! I'm happy I'm the first!! But sure, I won't be the only one :) Your photos're funny, great and full of emotion. I also appreciate your words in my photos and your interest in my photos. You're really a nice person, and of course a nice photographer, if not, I wouldn't write this....

May 16, 2006