Welcome to my page. I started taking photos at the local speedway track, after attempting to get back into racing but having a very serious crash while re learning the skills i decided to follow another interest from my younger days and start a photography hobby. I was born and raised in Brisbane Australia where i was taught how to ride motorcycles by my father when i was 12 or 13, my father had raced and several relatives also raced when i was younger so it was natural that i would get into racing. I started out in dirt track racing at 16 before progressing into speedway, speedway took me to England in 1985 to attempt to race semi-professionally upon return to (wasn't quite good enough) upon return to Australia i continued to ride then work took me to Auckland New Zealand (1986) where i've been ever since. Since picking up a camera i've become very keen. Love combining my passion for motor sports with my love of photography, i aim to have lessons in the future to improve, at the moment i've been learning as i go. Though i have been shooting on manual mode for a few years now and in the last few years i've also stopped editing apart from cropping so everything is straight from the camera. I hope you enjoy my efforts.

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